Tanya Peters never thought that she’d get her purse back after losing it while shopping… but thankfully, a good samaritan with incredible morals kept it for her & was waiting for her to come back.

We could all learn something from the incredible South African. He changed Tanya’s view on South Africa & can certainly do the same for others.

Thank you Albert!

Here’s the Facebook Post that started trending…

In a rush I went to the Boskruin Village to collect Pizza’s as well as grabbing a few things from Woolworths. Got to the car, loaded everything in getting Jad to strap on his seat belt and tipping the trolly guy.

In a rush I went home and only after a few hours I realised my purse with everything in it was GONE!!

Oh freaking hell!!!

Andre Peters told me to go back… But really this is SA… What would be my chances…. So I prayed for God’s favour.

True as goodness when I got there the trolly guy Albert handed me my wallet. Everything was still in my purse.

Albert is a man with Integrity!

When ever I see him he smiles and its like he is passionate about what he does. He really deserves people knowing who he is.

His name is Albert and he works at Woolworths Boskruin Village, Albert you are the best!!! You give hope to others!

The world needs more of you! God bless you for your kindness.

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