Natasha August, an incredible South African from Johannesburg, never thought that taking a different route to work would literally change lives.

On her way to work, Natasha noticed a man, pulling a wheeled dustbin with a starved, fragile female dog, chained to the side with wire. She managed to switch lanes before having to turn onto the highway, did a U-Turn & stopped the man.

“I cannot tell how heart breaking it was to see. I don’t know how more people didn’t stop.”

She spoke to the man & explained that the pup looked incredibly malnourished & keeping a dog like that, was not right.

The man proceeded to show her 8 puppies, barely 3 weeks old, that were he was moving around in his Dustbin!

Natasha knew she had to do something, so insisted that the man give her the pups so she could take them to a VET.

“The mom was so nervous & growled a bit when he was untying her but I think she knew that she was in good hands as she was so gentle with me.”

She immediately took the pup family to the Brackenhurst VET & offered to pay for anything that the may need.

“The pups are honestly adorable. She is being fed and looked after. I will be visiting her & the pups this afternoon & will make payment of whatever the vet’s fee comes to.”

She also posted on Facebook which caused a massive conversation & assisted in the story being shared with people who really wanted to help.

Facebook PostPetro Lottering saw the post & went to the VET to help the pups… she dropped off food & spent some time with them.

Ark Animal Centre also heard about the story & will be collecting the brave mom & pups over the weekend. They will look after the family until the pups are old enough to leave their mom. Following that ark will look for suitable homes for all the dogs.”

“Mom and pups are going to be just fine. Thank you to everyone who assisted & shared the post… also a massive thank you to Brackenhurst VET, Petra & Ark Animal Centre. I am going to the ark over the weekend to check in on the mom and her pups.”

Ark Animal Centre are always looking for donations & volunteers… get in touch here, if you can help!

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