Our job is not to judge, our job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Our job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken & heal the hurting.


Portia Moemedi learnt this valuable lesson yesterday after a homeless person, squatting near her local train station, saw her in need & took the time to help.

Portia tries to bring the man some food, conversation & laughter whenever she see’s him… alone & destitute, the homeless man takes shelter under a tree near the train station she frequents.

But just yesterday, Portia realised she had forgotten her train card & money at home 4 minutes before the train was meant to arrive. She knew she would miss her train & be late but her first reaction was to run home to try get her money.

At that moment, the homeless man saw her desperation & offered her some money to not be late…

“Today something amazing happened that made me emotional. I didn’t know what to say.”

She took the money from him & told him she would repay him with anything he wanted. The old homeless man asked for only one thing…

“If you can please just bring me a bar of soap I’ll be happy”

Portia went to Clicks later that afternoon & bought the man a bunch of different toiletries. After speaking to him, she’s learnt that homeless people seldom get toiletries.

Since then, Portia has decided to start a foundation to assist the homeless with basic toiletries & sanitary towels.

She’s on a mission to do good & give back.

“Today I got help for someone who has less than what I have!!! Such humanity you don’t get!!! I still have faith in humanity!”

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