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Ladovica Gordon challenged the member’s of her local Facebook community to do Random Acts of Kindness this week after a bad news weekend.


Ladovica Gordon shared a passionate post on the Facebook Group ‘Water Shedding Western Cape’. The group quickly jumped on board with the challenge.

“Okay so here’s the thing. We are all tired and frustrated with the bad news we’re receiving on a daily basis. So how about changing that – today – right now!?”

“I would like to challenge all the members of this group to engage in the RAK – 7 Day Challenge.”

“What does that mean, what do you have to do and what the cost of this? Absolutely nothing! You’re not spending a cent, but that’s entirely up to you. It’s simple. All you’re going to need to do is to be KIND!”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“You’re going to be kind to that irritating neighbor and the busybody colleague. How? By just being the kindest person you can be!”

“You can push the bin of your irritating neighbor out of the way, help someone who is struggling, make a cup of coffee for your nosy colleague or share your meal or snack with someone who don’t have – how you’re performing your RAK is entirely up to you.”

“And in case you are wondering what is RAK it’s a “Random Act of Kindness“. We cannot help for what happens around us, we can however manage how we respond to it. And what better way than the be KIND in a world that is currently engulfed in a wave of callous brutality against mankind? We went to bed last night excited about the rain and woke up to the bad news of the brutal attack in London this morning.”

“Let’s start a “wave of kindness” in our community and let it spill over into the rest of the world. Remember that the “sowing and reaping” principle is very real. When we all release good energy and vibrations into the universe, she will respond with the same.”

“Ok phew! A lot has been said – who’s willing to take up the RAK challenge with me?”

The concept of RAK is what Good Things Guy was founded on! We are very happy to see other’s spreading good deeds and random acts of kindness. Since the post was shared yesterday, many people from the Facebook group have agreed to spread kindness.

We challenge all our readers to take up the challenge as well, because kindness is free!

Sources: Facebook
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