Sink, a heartbreakingly beautiful South African film, centred on a Mozambican domestic worker living in Johannesburg, who is forced to make a life-changing decision after a personal tragedy.

This beautifully crafted movie which explores how three people come to terms with loss, grief and forgiveness is pushing boundaries in the global entertainment sector.

The story premise is that Mozambican maid Rachel’s (Shoki Mokgapa) child has died and she has to decide whether to stay working for a South African couple (Alexander is Michelle, while Jacques Bessenger is husband Chris) who are expecting their first child, or return to her poverty stricken home.

Written and directed by Brett Michael Innes the film takes on a devastating monster of a story that will undoubtedly have you crying your eyes out by the end.

Themes of death, guilt and social imbalances are mercilessly explored and dissected. The raw emotions that are exposed are however delicately wrapped up in subtle blue, grey and white tones. The pastel colours that are used throughout the film make for an eerily calm setting that hosts a crushing story.

This intricate attention to detail takes this gripping masterpiece to the next level and sets it apart from other local productions.

Sink’s surface breaking factor is however its talented lead cast. Anel Alexander, Jacques Bessenger and Shoki Mokgapa deliver heart-wrenching performances that unapologetically force us to confront our deepest fears and darkest secrets.

Their unfiltered portrayals of familiar South-African archetypes give the film a realness that will resonate with all audiences.

Sink is a triumph of a film that explores love and loss so fearlessly that it will leave you breathless and shake you to your core.

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