While Cape Town is one of the most picturesque cities in the country, it has high rates of unemployment and homelessness. Thousands of people, young and old, go hungry every day.

Entrepreneur Wendell Petersen is doing his part to make a difference. He supports his family through his Hustle Dog venture, a food truck that caters at events such as music festivals, video shoots and bike rallies.

Once a month, Petersen runs a soup kitchen from this food truck and hands out food to those who need it most.


Targeting communities that are battling issues like gang violence and poverty, the film sees Petersen serving food to children in Cape Town’s Belhar.

“There are about 300 kids staying in the veld. They come out of bad homes: drug homes, abusive homes. To see South African kids living in that state … it’s bad.”

But when Petersen and his volunteers arrive the mood is festive. The music is pumping and a bit of breakdancing is added to the mix.

“The culture of hip-hop is all about giving back to the community; uplifting the community. We add some breakdancing just to give the kids some motivational exercise and it gives us more time to spend with the kids.”

Being in a position to share his wife’s “genius” chicken stew with about 50 children is extremely gratifying, says Petersen.

“What makes me happy is seeing a smile on somebody’s face, on a kid’s face, when you’re giving them food. It basically feels like it’s cleaning my soul.”

It serves as call to action for all citizens. No matter how small the contribution, one act of kindness can change a child’s life.

“One plate of food can change a life. It can change a lot of people’s lives. If we can find just one body on the street and serve him a plate of food it will make big changes in South Africa. Not just in South Africa but in the whole world.”

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