An incredible South African, Anton Koen, wrote a thank you post, on behalf of a friend, in order to keep her anonymous.

Anton told “GTG” that he decided to write the post to inform people about the amazing story… in order for South Africans to see that we really do have good people working in our Police Force.

“I care about people and believe that if they are informed they can make better decisions.”

“As for the way things are now with the trust in the SAP and the bad image of the SAP in the eyes of the public, I try to show the better side of the SAP in the hope that people may see that there are still members who do their duties and surve their communities.”

The friend had been through a terrible ordeal & after facing a crime where her son’s car had been stolen, also had to face the South African Police.


Constable Mohlala of the Brooklyn police station in Hatfield Pretoria assisted Anton’s friend when reporting the crime.

“My son’s car was stolen in Hatfield on Tuesday night. When reporting the theft we received the most wonderful treatment from the staff. They were all smiles and very eager to help.”

Constable Mohlala was professional & assisted the Mother & Son in the daunting task of reporting the crime. He was patient & reassuring through-out the whole ordeal.

“He took his time to accurately get the facts and was very patient with us.”

“What makes this man even more amazing is that the necessary forms he needed to complete faced us and he wrote in a very neat handwriting upside down in order for us to follow what he was doing.”

Constable Mohlala patiently explained to them what the procedure would be and they left feeling very positive that the entire matter would be solved.

Their experience with the Constable Mohlala & the South African Police have left them with new hope for fighting crime in South Africa.

“There really are amazing police in our country, who just want to help us.”

The stolen car was found the very next morning as the perpetrator was arrested for driving without a licence.

Well done to the cops from Brooklyn Police station. Know that South Africa is grateful & that you are appreciated.

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