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South Africans are becoming more helpful to strangers in need, is a key finding from the latest World Giving Index. Published annually by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), this Index is the world’s leading report on global giving.

This year’s CAF World Giving Index shows that 73% of South Africans helped a stranger last year, over 3.5 million more than the year before.

This puts South Africa in the top ten countries for this type of giving and further supports the national understanding that ubuntu – the interconnectedness between people which underpins social giving – is still a strong motivator within South Africa.

This year’s report found that while people in South Africa were becoming increasingly helpful towards strangers, levels of volunteering and donating money had fallen slightly since last year’s record high.


Other key findings include:

  • Wealth is no guarantee of charitable giving. Just five of the World Giving Index top 20 are members of the G-20, the world’s largest economies. Some of the world’s most generous countries are also among the most deprived.
  • Overall South Africa was ranked the joint 49th most generous country in the world, tied with Chile.
  • South Africa is rated as one of the most generous countries in the region, placing 2nd among Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries behind Malawi.
  • Myanmar ranked highest in the world for giving, with the United States second, New Zealand third, Canada fourth and Australia fifth. Myanmar’s ranking is driven by the country’s strong culture of Theravada Buddhism.
  • For the first time in the six years the World Giving Index has been published, men are now more likely to give money than women.
  • While people in the over-50 age group are still the most likely to give, the largest increase in the past year has been among 15 to 29-year-olds.

The Charities Aid Foundation is an international non-profit organisation which promotes effective giving and philanthropy worldwide. The annual CAF World Giving Index is a unique study of global philanthropic behaviour, based on surveys in 145 countries. The study looks at three measures of giving: the percentage of people who have given to non-profit organisations, volunteered their time and helped a stranger in the last month.

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