Over the past few months there have been various viral campaigns against hunters & hunting with the recent being the uproar with regards to Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe.

Today is a little bit different. Instead of Social Media revealing another primitive trophy hunter, they have highlighted & commended a South African businessman & hunter who has hung up his guns after hearing about Walter Palmer illegally luring and slaughtering the collared lion.


This man’s name is Chris Lee. His recent public post went like this:

“So….decision made. The last week’s story made me reflect on my own hunting habits over the years – I grew up with a culture of hunting for the pot on various farms around Africa and have shot many times. In hindsight I am not proud of it and the events of last week made me reflect on that. I will never again shoot an animal and on Monday my rifle will be handed to the police to be destroyed. I am not selling it – I want it out of circulation for good.”

Chris Lee follows through…

“I have handed in the rifle and 143 rounds of ammunition to warrant officer Spreeth at our local police station. He puts a round through which goes for ballistics checking to confirm the weapon has not been used for crime. When that is clear he will take it to a gunsmith of my choosing for decommissioning and I pay for that and the decommissioned rifle is returned to me.”


Chris admits he was desensitized to killing at an early age. He talks about blooding ceremonies/initiations in the hunting industry. Lots of lobbying/money involved.

He hopes other hunters will see the light and join in saving the animals and not killing them for that trophy.

He has received a lot of support worldwide and we commend you for realizing wildlife is worth more alive than dead.

Chris Lee, has become quite vocal about his new stance on his Facebook:

“One of the main arguments that the trophy hunting advocates continually come up with is the ‘conservation’ argument & contribution to the upliftment of local communities in impoverished nations. But I’ve found a full report that says otherwise, its opened my eyes & is well worth a read”


You can shoot a lion ten thousand times with a camera….but only once with a bullet.


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