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Paul Talliard’s story is one of hope & inspiration. He is an incredible South Afri-CAN making positive changes in the lives of everyone he meets.


Talliard was a fireman, who due to circumstances, ended up destitute & found himself in a place he never thought he would. Alone & without hope.

“One day I walked into a soup kitchen, I spoke to some people there & my life completely changed for the better… they offered me material, some spiritual support & together, I managed to beat a 35 year drug addiction & got my life together.”

Talliard’s experience inspired him to join, what started out as a small support group, & has now become a massive driving force for positive change in their community.

He formed an NGO known as ‘Hands of Honour’ which gives unemployed people the ability to assist the community & earn an income.

“We transform derelict buildings which are havens for drug addicts & criminals into safe, attractive public spaces. It is amazing to see a former drug-den acting as a vegetable garden to feed the community.”

They operate from a home which serves as an office & a sanctuary which provides a warm daily meal & emotional to support to those in need.

“When we help people that are even less fortunate than ourselves, our own lives have steadily been improving, it’s as if theres a hope that as we help other people, our own circumstances improve too.”

The programme focuses on addressing the challenge of unemployment, drug addiction & crime.

Talliard plans to grow his NGO with numerous projects & assist the hundreds of unemployed community in Cape Town who have lost hope.

“The power of Ubuntu is real… if we can empower each other, we will also inspire each other… and then suddenly, there is hope for a better South Africa.”

For more info about the Hand of Honour projects visit their website.

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Sources: Hands of Honour

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