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Two South African police officers were spotted feeding homeless kids in the early hours of the morning… using their own money and time to help.


Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences. Our idea of what South African police stand for is incredibly skewed by a bucket load of horrific stories, corruption & intimidation…

But sometimes absolute power doesn’t corrupt, sometimes it makes a person realise they are more than the masses & they hold the power to make real change!

Here’s a throw-back to a story from last year which is still incredibly inspiring.

This mail, sent to my friend Ryan O’Conner, speaks for itself…

In the very early hours of Saturday (5am to be more exact), my husband and I stopped to refuel our vehicle at the Caltex garage opposite Kenilworth Centre.

There, outside the Freshstop shop were two police officers who were feeding about eight homeless young people on this grippingly cold morning.

It was so heart-warming to see how these two officers humbled themselves and served these boys with the sandwiches they made of bread and chips and also gave each of the youth a paper cup of cool drink.

The silence during this whole act seemed to almost make me feel as though I was witnessing something before God, it felt holy.

I could see the gratitude and respect the youth had toward those officers.

It was icy cold and they looked so hungry sitting there wrapped in old torn blankets.

When society rejected them, these officers reached out with helping hands.

They did not notice us but we noticed them.

A deed like this should not go unnoticed!

I was so proud of our police and my greatest respects to the two officers of the night who sought no rewards for being compassionate toward the homeless and destitute.

Imagine how their act may positively impact the mind-sets and even the lives of those eight youth they chose to show love and kindness toward.

May God bless them and protect them.

Please find and nominate these guys somehow toward something like Lead SA.

I only have the van’s number plate [BRW 678 B] on the photo.

Please help…..

I know you can!

Regards, Ferial


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