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The South African U17 Boys Water Polo Team have made us proud by winning the 2018 EU Nations Junior Men’s Tournament. These are the young men holding the flag up high!


Water Polo isn’t a sport we discuss regularly on Good Things Guy but the South African teams are highly successful and compete in tournaments all over the world on a regular basis. Recently, fifteen U17 South African Boys have made South Africa proud and will be bringing home the trophy for the 2018 EU Nations Junior Men’s Water Polo Tournament.

Two teams were set to play in the tournament, the boys and the girl’s teams. The boy’s team have completed their tournament and the girls are up next to fight for the EU Nations Junior Cup. You can follow their progress here.

The two dates and locations for the tournaments are:

  • The EU Nations Junior Men’s Cup held in Prague, Czech Republic from 23 to 25 March 2018;
  • The EU Nations Junior Women’s Cup to be held in Brno, Czech Republic from 30 March to 1 April 2018

We are incredibly proud of the boy’s team and cannot wait to hear more about the girl’s team in the next few days.

The boy’s team was made up of:

  • Dane Tucker (AG)
  • Devon Laurenson (WC)
  • James Norman – Goalkeeper (AG)
  • Jarred Boere (AG)
  • Jayden Whiley (KZN)
  • Laurence Walton (KZN)
  • Liam Stott (AG)
  • Luke Sawkins (AG)
  • Matthew Neser (AG)
  • Michael Bennett (KZN)
  • Muhammad Rawat – Goalkeeper (AG)
  • Nicholas Poole (AG)
  • Oliver de Sousa (AG)
  • Teague Loelly (KZN)
  • Triston McKay (AG)
water polo
Credit: Water Polo South Africa

The water polo community has been overjoyed by the success of our boys and we are too! Take a look at their trophy and proud faces below.

Sources: Facebook
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