Manners and respect are easy to offer when one is being hosted by another country. This is exactly what Senegal and Japan did after recent soccer matches.


Soccer is a sport built on passion and excitement, fans are equally as passionate about supporting their teams all over the world. Often after a few beers, some supporters can become a little rowdy. You see this on the news regularly, but when is the last time you saw a group of fans clean a stadium instead of destroying it?

Senegal fans recently did this and were filmed. The video has gone viral and people are loving the respect the fans have shown to Russia, the World Cup host for 2018.

Senegal won their match against Poland 2-1 at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow. After the match, they started collecting all the rubbish from around their area and placed it in neat piles for the cleaning crew to easily clear. This selfless act is so incredible that the world cannot get enough of the African country’s moral values!

You can watch the fans in action below.

It wasn’t only the Senegal fans that showed their manners, the Japanese fans also made an effort to keep their stands clean. After their match, they collected all the rubbish in blue bags, once again, making it easier for clean up crews to do their jobs.

In a world filled with chaos, it really is the small things that count the most. Our hearts are so full thanks to these fans. What a lovely story to share about the World Cup.

Senegal and Japan are set to play against each other next… we are positive that the stadium will be spotless after the match!

Sources: The South African
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