The idea of sleeping at work may sound romantic, but it’s not. And one guy, known as TheOrangeDuke, learned it the hard way when he fell asleep on his second day of an internship at a tech startup.

To make things worse (or better?) it didn’t go unnoticed by his associates – they decided to cherish the moment by posing with the fallen victim. And, as it happens in the modern times, the picture was posted on the Internet with an invitation to the so-called Photoshop Battle. People responded and took the sleeping beauty to numerous adventures.

And now you can also be a part of it – vote for the edits or upload your own!

guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-20__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-21__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-23__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-28__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-26__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-30__700 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop1__700 Guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop-100 guy-falls-asleep-at-work-sleeping-office-prank-photoshop7__700 hangoversleep2__700 Last-Supper__700 anggota-dpr-tidur2__700 venus2__700

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