If the name Chris Crocker doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because you’ve probably heard of his nickname instead: the “Leave Britney Spears Alone” guy. Yup – we’re talking about the dude who became Internet famous when passionately defended Spears back in 2007 (it was not a great year for Queen Britney).

Still have no clue who we’re referring to? Then feast your eyes on this glorious piece of virtual history:

While the above video may act as a time machine, we have to remember: That was nine whole years ago. So, what does Crocker look like now? And, more importantly, does he still love Britney Spears?

The answer to our first question:

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…and another one for the road:

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The answer to our second question:


While we’re super happy to hear that Chris’ love for Britney has not died, knowing that he’s never met her is a bit of a letdown. To explain, Crocker just posted this video on Twitter:

Following his “Leave Britney Alone” success, Chris went on to become, according to this Twitter bio, a singer and comedian. He’s also super inspirational.

Since many people have rediscovered Chris Crocker as of late, he’s been getting a ton of “Chris Crocker has gotten hot” comments. However, he wants his followers to know that “being hot is a state of mind. Inner confidence means way more than a million people affirming your ‘hotness’. Thanks for the recent love. Truly. But just know: You should always let yourself feel attractive. Not just when society says you are.”

It’s official. We love Chris Crocker just as much as we did back in 2007. (And we truly hope he one day gets to meet Britney Spears, who we’re sure would love him just as much as we do.)

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