A homophobic preacher met his match ‘in the most Scottish way possible’ when his hate-filled speech was deliberately drowned out by a young bagpiper to the delight of passing shoppers.

The hilarious incident took place on Market Street in the Scottish town of St Andrews yesterday and was caught on camera by one of those watching the unusual scene unfold – the clip has since been viewed more than two million times.

The unnamed ‘preacher’ was armed with a microphone and notes when he took to the town’s main street and began ranting that same-sex marriage has ‘ruined the economy.’

The young bagpipe player, who is out of shot, can be heard approaching the scene before he appears in the corner of the screen.

While the young busker attracts a small crowd with his musical prowess, the ranting man has an audience conspicuous by their absence throughout the footage.

Then the young man, playing Scotland the Brave the entire time, slowly walks towards the preacher and begins following him around, managing to completely drown out his bigoted speech.

As the preacher attempts to edge away from the young bagpiper he continues his slow and steady approach, applauded by cheers and whoops of approval from passing shoppers.

Then, shortly before the video cuts out, a passing police van pulls over and an officer beckons to the preacher to come over and speak to them.

The young bagpiper, clearly satisfied with a job well done, then completes his victory lap around the street’s fountain before returning to his original spot.

The young man has been roundly congratulated by users on social media for his excellent use of musical resistance.

One wrote: ‘Was there today when that happened. Preacher was yelling scripture while condemning everyone and people literally just ignored him.

‘A few managers from restaurants came out of their shops to tell him to shut up but of course microphone and amp reigns supreme… until…BAGPIPES!’

Liam Compton wrote: ‘Some heroes don’t wear capes.’

Joe Walsh joked: ‘That’s one way to get the guy to pipe down.’

Lachie Blair, who posted the video on Facebook, added the piper won this battle ‘in the most Scottish way possible’.


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