Six year-old Mable has been fighting leukemia for two years. Her one wish? To be a super hero for a day.


Thanks to The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and the city of Edmonton, Alberta, an entire day was planned for “Spider-Mable.”

It all started with the kidnapping of hockey player Andrew Ference, the captain of the Edmonton Oilers.



At home, an unsuspecting Spider-Mable was told that the city needed her.



She put on her super hero suit and powered up with a hearty breakfast.



Spider-Mable was picked up in her Spider-Limo and headed to City Hall.



She met with Spiderman to see if he would help her solve the case.



Together, Spiderman and Spider-Mable headed to police headquarters for a briefing.



Sgt. Sharpe showed her a lineup of suspects. She identified Mysterio as the villain.



With the suspect identified, it was time for the Spider duo to hit the streets!



The first plan of action was to find fellow super hero Black Cat who was being held captive in a mall.



Everywhere Spider-Mable went, there were hundreds of Edmonton residents cheering her on.





The only way to get to Black Cat was on a zip-line. That was no problem for this brave super hero!



After saving Black Cat, they all headed to the zoo to catch Mysterio.



Just as they suspected, Mysterio was there holding Andrew captive.



Spider-Mable used her web string to take down Mysterio!



And saved the day.


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