They’ve set aside the wars of Westeros to aid people displaced by the Syrian conflict.

Over the past five seasons of Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister has become well known—and feared—for her ruthless, cruel ambition. But although the villainous queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros has an affinity for battle and bloodshed, in real life, Lena Headey, the actor who plays Cersei, is backing an effort to aid millions of people displaced by war.

Ahead of season six of HBO’s fantasy drama, premiering next month, Headey and much of the Game of Thrones cast have teamed up with the International Rescue Committee for “Rescue Has No Boundaries,” a joint campaign to raise $1 million to help Syrian refugees. Along with Headey, the PSA above features several other major Game of Thrones stars, including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister; Maisie Williams, who stars as Arya Stark; and Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark.

“Mass exodus: millions on the move, escaping war, famine and destruction,” Headey says in the PSA, describing the experience of the roughly 11 million people who have either left the country or been displaced inside Syria since 2011.

The IRC is the only international relief agency working to help people still in Syria, as well as in countries such as Turkey and Greece that have received the bulk of people who have fled the war-torn nation. Headey explains in the clip that the IRC hopes to raise enough cash from the public to assist 3 million people.

Although people can donate on the IRC’s website, for the real super fans out there, the campaign has partnered with charity platform Omaze to raffle off cool Game of Thrones prizes, including a chance for supporters to hang with the cast at the season six premiere in April.

The violence and war will surely continue on upcoming episodes, but Headey and company are committed to peace.

“Every month, hundreds of thousands flee their homes. Refugees, families, children struggling to stay alive,” the cast members say in a montage. “Real people now on the most dangerous journey of all. What would you do to protect your life, your family, your future? You can help.”

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