It seems like there’s no end to the pain Fifty Shades Of Grey can inflict — intentional or otherwise.

First, there was the dismal trilogy, followed shortly thereafter by the abomination of a movie starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. And now, the number of people attempting to get rid of their Fifty Shades books is putting significant strain on a charity bookshop.

Come on, Fifty Shades — haven’t you done enough??

Goldstone Books, an Oxfam charity book shop in Swansea, South Wales, has officially put their foot down when it comes to EL James’ best-seller. Due to the ridiculously high number of donations, the shop will no longer accept copies of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

“We appreciate all the donations — but less Fifty Shades and more sixties and seventies vinyl would be good,” employee Phil Broadhurst told the Mirror. “There are a lot of people obsessed by Fifty Shades of Grey, we get people bringing in new copies all the time. Enough is enough.”

The shop has “literally hundreds” of copies of the novel, and the employees have taken it upon themselves to create an actual Fifty Shades Of Grey fort.


No word yet on what goes on in such a fort, but I’m guessing it’s probably NSFW.

The problem with the Fifty Shades books (apart from the fact that they exist at all) is that Random House used a special binding for the books which makes it impossible to recycle them.

So, not only are shops stuck with a bevy of erotic thrillers that they can’t sell, there’s actually no eco-conscious method to get rid of the damn things.

So perhaps using the novels as brick-and-mortar, as the employees at Goldstone Books have done, is a truly ingenious alternative.

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