This story is proof it is the little things, that we do in in life, for each other that matter the most. Kindness can have such a huge impact on the lives of others.

For two and a half year old Vivian Keith, the construction site across the street from the St. Louis hospital for sick kids was the only view she had of the outside world.

Vivian was hospitalized with ALL, which is a type of Leukemia, during that time she was kept in isolation with only one view.

Vivian being a resilient child, made the best out of the situation, when she woke up each day her mum Ginger, and her would go to the window, and wave at the construction workers, until they would notice, and wave back.


One day Greg Combs, and Travis Barnes, decided to do something extra kind for this sweet child. They wrote in chalk on the metal construction beams an encouraging message of, “get well soon.”

That little act of kindness meant so much to little Vivian, and touched the heart of her family in such a huge way, you can see it in the tears of her mum.

The good things guy team wanted to recognize the act of kindness that Greg, and Travis did, and encourage others to be kind at every opportunity, and have an impact on others like these two did.

Realize it doesn’t take much to show someone they matter, and you care, it really is the little acts of kindness, and love that count hugely. Well done Greg and Travis!


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