New Jersey dad of 5 girls screamed for joy when he heard his wife had just had a baby boy! He got so excited that the doctors had to ask him to calm down!


Kenny Zarour and his wife, Natalie, were expecting their 6th child. They are the proud parents of 5 girls and decided to keep the gender of their expected child a surprise!

Natalie was filming her husband Kenny during her C-section when the gender of the baby was revealed. Kenny got so excited the doctors had to ask him to calm down in case he scared someone.

“Oh my God I love it!” Kenny screamed as he jumped right out of his seat. “Yeah baby! I got a boy!”

“It wasn’t a case of being excited,” said Natalie. “We were both stunned. After five girls, the odds seemed to be against us, so we couldn’t help but celebrate.”

The couple named the baby boy Gerard and said that he had arrived 6 days earlier than expected. Gerard was brought into the world on the 8th of March. The couple waited a month before sharing the adorable story.

Kenny is dad to two daughters, Ariana and Colette who are 20, from a previous relationship. Kenny and Natalie have Mia, 5, Jolie, 3, and Giselle, 18 months together. That rounds up the 5 girls!

“It was all worth it and we celebrate all of our children every day.” – Kenny Zarour

Watch Kenny’s full reaction on the video below, it is an exciting one!

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Sources: YouTube / Inside Edition

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