If a Disney princess gets cancer, she’s still a beautiful princess.

That’s the message Holly Christensen, creator of “The Magic Yarn Project”, is spreading to children battling cancer.

It all started when Christensen, a former cancer nurse, made a Disney princess wig out of yarn for a friend’s sick child.

She never imagined her creation would spread nationwide.


“We have individual families contacting us wanting wigs for their own little girls who had just been diagnosed, and we have four hospitals right now that have ordered wigs,” Christensen, of Palmer, Alaska told KTVA.

Since requests for the wigs have begun pouring in, a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of yarn has raised more than $6,000. Volunteers around the country are also helping to take on some of Christensen’s workload.

Recipients do not have to pay for the wigs. Donations fund supplies and shipping costs for the wigs.

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“[The recipients are] going to be really sick, and some of them won’t make it,” she told KTVA. “It’s really hard, but just to see that a little bit of magic can be brought back into their life, that makes a difference for them and it makes a difference for their family.”

Christensen added that the texture of the yarn is more comfortable on the head of a child who lost their hair due to chemotherapy than a traditional wig.

“The Magic Yarn Project has become larger than we ever dreamed!” Christensen wrote on GoFundMe. “Our hearts are overflowing from your support, and from the bittersweet contact by families whose lives are touched by cancer.”

If you want to support this wonderful project, visit “The Magic Yarn Project” on GoFundMe and Facebook.

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