We all love a cheeky Nando’s, so what better way to impress then to go on a first date there?

Well for 25-year-old Jonny Smith, his date was cut short after he was left unable to talk and full of tears when the chicken he attempted to blag to be extra hot, was actually extra hot.

To explain why this Nando’s experience was different to those in the past, Jonny wanted to make a good first impression on the lady he was dining with, by picking her up (and not asking her for petrol) and deciding what they were having.

That’s where things went terribly wrong for the West Yorkshire lad, who confessed in his Facebook post that he “asked to get an extra hot flag put in my plain chicken because i can’t handle anything that is the slightest bit spicy and as we all know….”

Here’s Smith’s full post.



He wrote: “Our food arrived and there sat my ‘plain’ chicken with my extra hot flag stuck in it staring back at me in all its impressive glory! Excellent service as always i may say, except for one little detail, it wasn’t plain at all! It was EXTRA HOT!”

“Look at my eyes Nando’s! Look what you’ve done to me! I couldn’t even speak let alone chat the poor girl up. I doubt there’ll be a second date now….”

Nando’s was not about to take the full blame for Jonny not landing a second date, so they left him some advice.


The food chain pointed out, “We’d never wish such an occurrence to happen to a gentleman as yourself, although deceiving your date for the sake of your bravado is never something we recommend.”

As well as offering him a peri medical kit, so he can “improve your resistance to spice so you can feel bold,” the company offered their sympathy to Jonny and said, “We’ve got our wings crossed for that second date.”

Just like Nando’s, we hope Jonny gets a second date and is able to tackle his spice intolerance.

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