Earlier this week, the Portuguese were stunned by a unique cloud formation over the island of Madeira.

The bright orange cloud looked as if it was a burning clenched fist. Many have dubbed it “the hand of God.”

The photo was taken over the Portuguese island of Madeira on the morning of Jan. 25 by a weather blogger named Rogerio Pacheco, says the Daily Mail.

Pacheco said he snapped the picture while driving to work.

“As soon as I saw the sky, I was immediately intrigued and I just had to grab my camera to take photo,” said Pacheco. “For me, the cloud looks like an outstretched hand with a fireball.”

To many, the cloud formation looks like a fiery hand reaching down from the sky, hence the photo’s robust title.

A meteorologist with the BBC says perfect lighting is the real force behind the mystical snapshot. Because the cloud was at a low altitude, the light and formation came in contact at the most opportune time.

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