This week, our change one thing concept updates you on one of the projects we assist with, Vastfontein, and how they, and their sponsors, were able to send children to the ocean for the very first time while some had never seen a tar road before.

Although there are many other urgent matters that come to mind when we approach children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, we also see the value in alternative teaching methods outside of the classroom that may allow a child to take part in something they never even dreamed of.

Education allows a child to form coherent ideas within themselves and the world around them, now imagine the creativity that was sparked and the curiosity that was ignited the very first time they saw the ocean and all of its wonders.

“After breakfast and an intense sunscreen spreading session it was off to the beach for a full 6 hours…5 of which the kids were swimming in the waves.

We were absolutely amazed at how their confidence and bravery grew as the day went on.

The majority of these kids have never even seen a swimming pool, let alone swim.

Their pure joy and laughter was so special to see! “

The Volunteers that assisted with the trip have pushed the limits when it comes to reaching out and making things possible, and they did a fine job at that.

There were many contributors in making this trip possible but Huddle Up would like to thank a dear company to us, Colas, for their contribution in helping the children of Vastfontein get down to the ocean for the very first time.

The amount of committed people is clearly a story to tell, and a very good one at that.

“We had 18 faces with big eyes stunned into silence by the “Beautiful creatures” as explained by a little 7 year old. One of the older boys did not even blink his eyes for the full duration of the show, just to make sure that he is not missing out on anything.

“My, what a good plan!”

This said after we showed one of the kids how to dig her feet into the sand to stand firmer against the waves

“I now know how many eggs a sea turtle can lay and how long a penguin can hold its breath under water. “

Pay it forward. Always. This is a strong community that we should be proud of.

The power is you.

For more details on how to get involved, please contact the Huddle Up Team

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