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This week #TheGoodStuff team bring you Westbury Youth Centre, Johannesburg, where the aim is to empower its youth through creative and entrepreneurial engagement through creative spaces in social media, digital curiosity and social development.

Building the mind, skills and soul of the Westbury Community

Digital Curiosity and Entrepreneurship Development are some of the few ways that WYC are making a difference. In a fast paced world with technological advances around every corner, places that nurture the tech space for those who have, otherwise, never been exposed, makes a mark in any community. It is fully inclusive to our times and creates participation in fields that some youth never knew existed.

In the Digital Photography classes, young adults are exposed to photography and filming, including basic editing Photoshop and Lightroom programmes.

“To capture a moment in time, and speak to the hearts of those who would see their work; this is a platform that not only serves to build on its student’s creativity, but also to open up opportunities for them that do not necessarily require one to be academically inclined.” Westbury Youth Centre

 Using these skills, students are encouraged to use their photos to tell their stories, their experience of the Westbury community.

Entrepreneurship Development (M- Entrepreneurship) is one of the ways we can empower the youth when it comes to the business world. So often we forget about the possibilities that lie within technology education that we often neglect it.

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Since Technology has taken over the World, this program teaches the participants to use technological devices to market/sell their products and also keep record of what is needed for their businesses to grow.

‘m-Entrepreneurship’ provides participants access to quality educational programs.

With Basic Computer Skills and Online Writing we can truly help those looking for a guiding hand.

  • Preparing a CV online and keeping on time
  • Applying forwork online
  • Online presentation
  • Online ethics (creating and maintaining a positive online presence)
  • Creating and managing social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

“It is all about being part of the global village and attending events with the global community and engaging with people.”


Not only in the tech space.

Large organic cucumbers for sale, straight out of our garden, come support our Entrepreneurs!

This is how we build.

For more details on how to get involved, please contact the Huddle Up Team


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