This week, #TheGoodStuff Huddle Up team talk about their team up with The Gift of Joy and their campaign called “Ubuntu Christmas”, they also talk about International Toilet Day last week and Enviro-loos committed solution to a global human rights problem; sanitation.



Welcome to UBUNTU CHRISTMAS, an initiative that The Gift of Joy & Huddle Up are planning over 3 days in; Diepsloot, Grasmere and Ivory Park and an easy way to give back this Christmas!

The same concept as Santa Shoe Box, except they are filling up 1000 draw string bags with items such as; tooth paste, tooth brush, face cloth, soap, toy, stationery packs filled with pens, pencils and rulers, sweets and activity packs.

The team are excited with the response thus far, having people coming to volunteer their time with us on the given days.

“We are always looking for more supplies and organisations to help us succeed when creating a day with so much positive energy and kindness, we need team mates and assistance and we invite everyone to connect with us via email, cell phone and social media and see how you can make a difference that helps those that are less fortunate than yourself.”

Let the good stuff team know if you can lend us a hand on one of the following dates

  • Packing Week – 30 Nov – 4 December (Monday – Friday)
  • 5 December – Diepsloot
  • 11 December – Grasmere
  • 12 December – Ivory Park

The Enviro Loo – a tangible contribution to socio-economic development


The scale of the sanitation problem, particularly in developing nations, is inexcusable, where a basic human right is hard to come by because there is no running water in close proximity to any of the people.

“By addressing this basic human right of sanitation the result is that health, poverty, education, and environmental issues will also be addressed.”

Enviro-Loo is a dry sanitation system that is sustainable and is more cost effective over its lifetime compared to other systems.

Enviro Loo has a sealed unit that captures and treats waste through the natural processes of dehydration and evaporation with no contact or contamination of the waste to either the immediate or surrounding environment. It requires no electricity or power source to function, it utilises wind and sun.

One of the NPO’s Huddle Up have been working with, Childhood Roads Institute, out in Orange Farm, recently received a donation of three sustainable toilet facilities from Enviro-Loo.

“The official handover will be on Thursday 26th November out in Orange farm. A huge Thank you to Enviro-Loo for the donation, this has put huge smiles on the bright little faces of Childhood Roads Institute.  A simple yet smart solution making a difference in so many lives.”

  • 45,500 Enviro Loo installations in schools provide safe, clean, affordable toilet facilities promoting attendance and participation in educational activities of over 1.8 million learners.
  • 240 million litres of water per year is being saved by communities and institutions that use Enviro Loo.
  • Annual water charges of $26 million are currently being saved by communities and institutions using the Enviro Loo.

For more details on how to get involved, please contact the Huddle Up Team


#TheGoodStuff on CliffCentral is a great platform for Huddle Up to introduce you, inform you and update you on amazing initiatives across South Africa, as well as bring attention to projects that need public support.

We look forward to creating awareness and spreading the love on the great initiatives that are transforming communities.

Let’s Huddle Up and be the change.

Only good things.

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