Huddle Up is a consultancy in South Africa that advises and provides tailor made Corporate Social Responsibility solutions while increasing B-BBEE compliancy levels.

They screen initiatives and NPOs across South Africa and provide a broad spectrum of viable opportunities.

They have a few projects on our books but the main one mentioned on this week’s show is the Net HIV AIDS Youth Project.


Huddle Up’s business plan all came about while working very closely with a man called Joseph Tshabalala who was the founder of the Net HIV AIDS Youth Project.

“Joseph Tshabalala was the founder of the orphanage, and over the past 16 years, Joseph and his loving family have cared for, fed and helped to educate hundreds of children in the Sweetwater community.”

They saw his need for more assistance and thought to then create a platform that increased their sustainability while aligning projects like his to Corporate Social Initiatives.

“Huddle Up have been involved at The Net HIV/AIDS Youth Project over the past two years as a volunteer initiative. With a great community of hands we managed to come together and transform the property. Through social media and volunteer groups we built a sustainable vegetable garden and brought fun activities to the children like arts and crafts, yoga and drum circles.”

Due to the newly developed RDP houses which has encroached the orphanage, as well as the theft issues Joseph was dealing with, it forced him to move off the land and relocate the kids into the homes of the caretakers that assisted at the orphanage.

On the 25 September, Joseph’s life was cut short leaving behind a massive responsibility of taking care of all those left behind. Many of us formed a close relationship with Joseph and the children and we felt that his work needed to continue.

After the news of Josephs passing, people rallied on social media to spread the need to raise funds for those effected and left behind. We raised nearly R10 000 in the first week and have organised a sustainable strategy going forward while providing food and sanitation to the children.

We thank the public for their generosity and we look forward to keeping everyone updated as we channel our energy in creating a new orphanage while also benefiting families in the area. Our idea is inspired by Gift of the Givers project in Alexander Township

Let us see what we can do?

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