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Two well known South African food brands decided to join forces, proving they are better than the unfriendly American Burger crowd, and focused their collective energies on doing good, partnering with #RAK to share some kindness & help feed the nation.


The #RAK initiative is all about giving back & helping those in need.

It all started on 1 February 2014 when Brent Lindeque, a young South African, turned the reckless drinking game #neknominations on its head – by using his nomination to instead perform a random act of kindness.

By giving a homeless man a R20 meal, and using the power of social media to “pay-it-forward”, his nomination went viral and to date has been viewed over 780,000 times.

More importantly, it spawned thousands of similar videos, reaching millions of people and improving millions of lives – including 3 dedicated feeding schemes in Canada, the USA & Ireland that are still running today.

While the act of being charitable & doing good comes naturally to most of us, it’s often simply too difficult to fit into our hectic daily lives. The beauty of the #RAK movement is its genuine simplicity.

Through the power of the internet and social media, one small Random Act of Kindness can spark another, and another, and another – until millions of RAK’s genuinely start to make the world a better place.

“When it comes down to it… this has nothing to do with me, its not about me, its not about you, its not even about the brands involved, its more about South Africa, looking out for South Africa & I’m just thankful for all the amazing people that jump on board to help those in need.” Brent Lindeque

King Pie & Taste Holdings both saw a call on Brent’s Social Media page & decided to assist with an act of kindness.

King Pie were the first to see the post & immediately knew they wanted to get involved. Natalie Ruwers, Marketing Manger for King Pie personally called Brent & offered their assistance.

“A pie for me is like a hug from the inside… it really does make me happy & I want to share that happiness with those in need.” Natalie Ruwers

“We might just be helping with one meal but that one meal might make all the difference.
These kids are our next generation & we need to help them become the best they can be.” Natalie Ruwers

“This is just the start, we got to learn more about the different charities & now we can figure out a way to remain involved, moving forward.” Natalie Ruwers

Taste Holdings were also inspired to make a difference & offered a 5ton cold truck and driver to transport the thousands of pies around Johannesburg to their needy recipients.

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It took a full day & many charities were assisted with the drop offs. The charities involved had no idea that they were getting the donations & were all extremely happy to be part of the #RAK15 day.

“I’ve become the facilitator now & my focus is on assisting corporates & individuals on finding the right charities together & helping guide the process of giving back.” Brent Lindeque

“We are so, so blessed by people & companies like you, without you, we wouldn’t be able to help the kids that we do… I am just so thankful from the bottom of my heart.” – Christa Barish with the Schools Feeding Scheme.

“We look after around 142 kids everyday & most of them live off the 1 meal we feed them… we’re always desperate for donations & this is definitely a god-send. We received so many pies today & are thankful to both King Pie & Taste for helping us” – Julie Hudson-Ingle from Urban Ruins

“What’s even better is when corporates jump on board with the only focus of helping the charities out… both of the donors on this project have done just that & we are so incredible thankful” – Witkoppen Home.

Charity is a collaborative effort, and today is a perfect example of brands putting everything behind a single collective energy to make a difference in the lives of the people that need it most, Brent concluded.

Sources: GTG
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Brent Lindeque is the founder and editor in charge at Good Things Guy.

Recognised as one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South African’s as well as a Primedia LeadSA Hero, Brent is a change maker, thought leader, radio host, foodie, vlogger, writer and all round good guy.

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