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The fires are gone but the damage is not, Times Live posted a video of the aftermath in the areas affected and Facebook users share images of new life!


The devastating fires have been extinguished and life is carrying on. Those who were affected by the fire are still receiving an amazing amount of support, not only from South Africans, but the whole world too!

Times Live sent a drone out over Plettenberg Bay and Knysna to capture the damage, we shared the video below. There is beauty in this story, where ever fire touches new life is also bound to be just behind! Facebook user Ester Beukes shared images of the new life sprouting up around her!

“So I’m busy with my morning routine and my neighbour asks: have you seen the green shoots of the wild grass? So I finished putting out various bird food, take my phone and go around to our Swartvlei šŸ˜ where I heard a few different froggy croaks early last night. Look at the reed shoots… all over… and just from the little bit of dew and 10 drops of rain during this week. Knysna Tourism have a new logo of a phoenix-like Loerie.”

New LifeKnysna has also changed its Tourism logo, the native Loerie has been transformed into a Phoenix. A Phoenix is born from its ashes, a new life that comes from the old, it’s a beautiful symbol for the Knysna community!

Sources:Ā YouTube / Facebook
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