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A store in Perth has gone waste-free and done away with all packaging. The waste-free movement is growing in popularity and its great for the environment.


Experts say the waste-free movement is much easier than it seems. Buying food in bulk and meal planning are an easy way to start. Owning a reusable water bottle and coffee cup helps too and most coffee shops are willing to use a personal coffee mug when placing your takeaway order.

A shop in Perth called the Wasteless Pantry has spear headed the movement by becoming the first grocery store to offer a complete waste-free experience. You can take your own jars and bottles to buy things like pasta and grains, as well as fresh honey and freshly crushed peanut butter.

The movement is to help prevent waste ending up in landfills. Everything purchased should be stored in reusable containers such as glass jars and glass bottles. The focus is on simple and sustainable living cutting out plastic and replacing it with reusable.

“Experts say to reduce waste, always carry reusable bags. Choose cardboard or glass packaging. Shop at the local butcher, deli, farmers market and bulk food store with reusable containers”

The Wasteless Pantry offers a variety of tips for waste-free novices as well as people who regularly practice the lifestyle. The movement not only saves the planet but it can also save money and time in the long run.

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Sources: Facebook/ Wasteless Pantry

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