South Africans making history… charity organisation takes to the app store with an awesome game to raise money. This is Layla’s journey.


Layla O’Neill is a brave little girl who has defied all odds and never given up.

Layla was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer called Neuroplasm Glial Ependymoma, at the mere age of just 4.

Her family found out about her condition just weeks before her 4th birthday party, after she had a recurrence of illness.

“She kept getting sick and the doctors kept saying it was a viral infection. She was experiencing pain in her legs, which we all thought was growing pains.”

In May 2013, Layla started vomiting blood and her mother immediately took her to the hospital.

Layla was given an MRI scan which picked up that there was fluid on her brain and spots on her spine.

“The doctors said it was the first time they’d ever seen something like this. They operated and put in a shunt which takes the fluid away from her brain to relieve the pressure. They told us that if we had waited a day more to bring her to the hospital she would have not survived.”

“Layla’s condition is so rare that approximately 700 people in the world are living with the condition.”

The doctors were uncertain of her future & gave little Layla only 6 months to live… but 3 years later, this little fighter is not giving up or going anywhere, anytime soon.

“Layla is such a little fighter. She’s obsessed with Spiderman – he’s her favourite superhero & hero.”

Sharyn O’Neill, Layla’s mom started a Non-Profit Organisation called Ependy Angels to look after, raise money & awareness for Layla & other children suffering with different types of Cancers.

Most of the children supported by Ependy Angels start off without medical aid & usually, medical aids make people wait a year, once being diagnosed with Cancer, before treatment can commence.

During that year, Ependy Angels help by paying their medical bills & offer support & assistance to the families.

“To give you an idea of costs… Layla’s medical aid pays for roughly 97% of all her medical bills. The three percent that they don’t pay equates to around R30 000 a month.”

Through the treatments, Sharyn has been a pillar of strength & a beacon of hope… after the first set of radiation, Layla was finding it very traumatic to see her hair falling out so her mom decided to shave off the rest so that Layla wouldn’t feel scared. They both looked like urban runway models.

Yesterday the Ependy Angels in partnership with Appregator launched an app in honour of Laylas journey and to raise funds for the foundation.

Laylas Journey

Layla was part of the design process from the start and along the way, you’ll see some of her favourite shapes, colours and even insects (like butterflies).

“This is Laya’s Journey and we invite you to slide all the blocks into place with icons of some of her favourite things. We put Layla’s Journey together to help raise funds for all other parents with children suffering from debilitating diseases and assure you that your generosity in buying this game will go a long way to us helping achieve these goals.”

“We want you to have fun so please play and enjoy Layla’s Journey we promise you that she is enjoying it too.”

You can download the game and follow Layla’s Journey for Android or Apple by just clicking the links.

The Good Stuff team chatted to Layla and her mom Sharon about the new app… click the link below to hear all about it.

Sources: Raising hope for Layla
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