All of the negativity and “bad news” on social media has inspired a photographer to capture the beauty of Cape Town in a spectacular time lapse video that took three years to make.

In a city as vast as Cape Town there are no shortages of adventures and activities right at your doorstep. Even if you’ve lived in the city for a lifetime, you’ve probably never seen or done everything. While we’ve seen the city and the natural surrounds, we have never ever seen it like this.

Brendon Wainwright is one of the finest photographers in Cape Town and spends his spare time exploring Table Mountain National Park in order to give everyone a peak at this city that they may never otherwise have seen. Up early in the morning and up late at night, Brendon’s passion for this city and it’s landscapes is unparalleled.

The fusion of natural and man-made exquisiteness‚ from Lion’s Head to Table Mountain to ocean views and city lights‚ are showcased in the video dubbed “I AM CAPE TOWN” by Wainwright.

The Cape Town-born editor‚ who had lived in Johannesburg for 21 years‚ came back to the Mother City six years ago‚ but only started exploring its mountain peaks in the last three years.

Wainwright said his ex-girlfriend’s father encouraged him to go hiking and see the city from “above the clouds” – something he wanted to share with the world.

“The first time we went up I was literally above a cloud. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was up there and from that day I was just addicted‚” he said.

While he added that photography and editing were more of a hobby than occupation‚ he said it is something which inspires his passion for nature and creativity.

“Most of the spots from which I shoot are from points people don’t usually reach.

“With time-lapse you have to pre-sync the whole scene‚ so you kind of have to guess what’s going to happen with nature‚ and nature is so unpredictable.

“So at first you see a really good scene and you think ‘man this would make a great time-lapse’‚ so you have to get composition and then you have to think of settings.

“And then you just leave the camera for hours and hours to capture and then while that’s going on you can just enjoy nature‚ chill and maybe go and explore something else you know‚” he said.

But Wainwright said that one of the more difficult parts of the process was editing the video: “The editing was probably the most difficult‚ it’s definitely over 150 hours of sitting down at a computer screen‚ so it really takes a long time.”

However‚ he adds that bringing something positive to the digital sphere is worth all the effort.

“There is so much negativity and bad news on social media‚ on our tablets and screens every day‚ so for me as a creator I just wanted to bring something positive for people to enjoy‚ not only visually but also through music.

“That’s why I used my friend Stephen Kruger’s music. He’s a friend of mine and he also does adventuring and he is also one of the guys who got me involved in night hiking.”

Wainwright said that he hopes to extend the “I AM CAPE TOWN” brand in the future and possibly take it to other countries. His next project‚ however‚ will still look to the Mother City for inspiration.

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