Watch: A video of a lioness reunited with her pride after days is so heartwarming

Lioness Reunion

A lioness had lost her pride in the Kruger National Park. After three days of waiting for them, they found her and the reunion is the sweetest thing!


The video footage of a lioness crying out for her pride was shared back in 2015. Even though it isn’t new it is such a heartwarming thing to see.

According to Kruger Sightings the lioness had been on her own for three days. She had spent most of them waiting and calling out for her pride.

On the third day after about 40 minutes of groaning and roaring she paused. While sitting under a tree near the road she heard something. Slowly she stood up and approached with caution. She saw the pride of lions in the distance and moved forward to investigate.

She watched from a distance unsure if the pride was in fact her own. As soon as the pride saw her they ran over to greet her. She noticed their excitement and realised it was her family. They met in the road and nuzzled each other in celebration of being reunited.

YouTube users loved seeing this video and shared their thoughts.

“Beautiful! Animals are JUST like us, they know their families, they grieve losses, they fear, they feel pain, just like we do.” – Sheryl Schroeder

“Looks like the pride really missed her how beautiful is was when they finally found her” – The Game

The video was taken near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Sources: YouTube
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