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The Owl Rescue Centre recently welcomed two little miracle chicks into their family and now they have found loving parents for the pair.


Two Spotted Eagle Owls were rescued as eggs about four days after their mother was found dead. The eggs were taken to the Owl Rescue Centre to be incubated and hatched. The little miracles are being celebrated because their eggs were left unattended for so long, so nobody knew if they would make it.

Dr Anya, a local vet from Pretoria took the eggs in from Adele van Eyssen, the woman who found them and placed them in an incubator. The eggs were then sent to the Owl Rescue Centre where they thankfully hatched a few days later.

Since posting the story about the owlets, something even more beautiful has happened. One of our readers knew of a family that had a little owl problem of their own. Allan and Tracy Eccles had an Owl couple that had made a nest in their pot plant on their balcony. The eggs they laid were infertile but they have continued to sit on them for over 6 weeks.

Allan set up a camera and started streaming the progress of the owls. He recently contacted us to tell us about how the original story led to the owl couple adopting the orphans.

“A friend saw an article here about the Owl Rescue Centre looking after Spotted Eagle Owl chicks who have lost their parents. She contacted us knowing that we have a pair of Owls sitting on infertile eggs, which we would have to remove to save them stress – they will continue to sit on eggs that we know are not going to hatch. Normally incubation period is 30 days, so 6 weeks is too long.

We contacted ORC and have adopted two of their chicks. The adoption can be followed on YouTube”

Along with the two newly hatched orphans, the ORC took a few other orphans along too, to see which the mother would connect with. If you watch the video fully, you will see the moment when the infertile eggs are removed, the mother attacks the man removing the eggs.

She was very protective of her nest. This is a very good sign. The swap was a massive success and she took the oprhans in as her own. The parents are feeding and preening the owlets regularly.

You can see the heartwarming video below. They will regularly update followers and add more live streams of the owls as they grow up.

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