Quinton de Kock has partnered with Rockwood Conservation to raise awareness for Rhinos in a delightful video!
Photo Cred: Rockwood Conservation

Quinton de Kock has partnered with Rockwood Conservation to raise awareness for Rhinos in a delightful video!


Northern Cape, South Africa (10 May 2021) – South African international cricketer and former captain of the Proteas, Quinton de Kock, is set to captain a new team. A little larger, a little wilder, but certainly a team that needs every bit of help they can get.

No, he isn’t switching to rugby. Quinton de Kock is partnering with Rockwood Conservation, a private conservation aimed at housing, feeding, and protecting over 300 rhinos.

Rockwood and Quinton are collaborating in an exciting and fun way to drive awareness and funding towards guarding and protecting the rhinos at Rockwood. This enables them to breed and increase their herd numbers, bringing them ever closer to getting off the critically endangered list. This work is performed against the backdrop of extreme challenges, the worst of which is poaching. A cruel and senseless act that results in some of the largest national parks in South Africa losing more than 50% of their rhino herds.

A serious issue brought to light in a hilarious video! Watch it here:

Thankfully, private rhino conservations, such as Rockwood, have been able to improve these figures and achieve a higher success rate. In fact, Rockwood grows its herds by 15% each year and has had ZERO poaching incidents in five years owing to its high-tech, 24/7 security measures and vital wildlife research. While security is key to protecting the rhinos at Rockwood from poaching, even going so far as to include rangers on horseback to follow the herds daily, it is also the research projects that they are involved with which take place at Rockwood and are essential to physically increase their population numbers. These projects include initiatives like Rhino Milk Nutrition with the University of the Free State and Rhino Genetic Preservation with the Hemmersbach Rhino Force Cryovault Project – both of which make a tremendous amount of sense when you think about it.

Says Wicus Diedericks, Founder of Rockwood Conservation, “We hand-rear orphaned rhino calves or calves whose mothers are ill and unable to nurse and are still trying to fully understand the properties of rhino milk to ensure that our babies get the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy. That’s why we’re extremely proud to be a part of the research in Rhino Milk Nutrition, which continuously looks for ways to improve the health of these orphans and the species in general.”

Additionally, researchers at Rockwood are striving to achieve genetic diversity within the population of Southern white rhinos in South Africa. They do this by obtaining and studying a detailed DNA profile of each rhino at Rockwood, after which they can select which males and females to breed in order to create a diverse and healthy gene pool. Under this project, the team at Rockwood is working with world-leading scientists from the notable Hemmersbach Rhino Force Cryovault Project, which aims to create the largest genetic reservoir for Southern white rhinos in the world.

In spite of this progress, Rockwood still needs all the helping hands it can get if they are going to continue their work to save over 300 endangered Southern white rhinos from extinction. That’s why it’s so exciting for the reserve to partner with Quinton de Kock, whose reputable hands still hold the record for being the fastest wicket-keeper to complete 200 dismissals in the history of Test cricket – of which 191 of those dismissals were catches in 45 Test Matches.

Says Quinton, “The truth is that you can’t live in this beautiful country without understanding even a little bit about the plight of the rhino. And knowing that we have the power to take these majestic creatures off the critically endangered list hit home for me. I didn’t hesitate when I heard about the opportunity to get involved with Rockwood and do my part to help.”

Quinton is now appealing to all of us to join him on his hero’s quest to make a difference and save the rhinos. Of course, he’s putting a bit of a spin on it, one that cricket, wildlife, and nature lovers are sure to love.

Win a weekend with Quinton and his new team

To celebrate their newly founded partnership, Quinton is inviting members of the public (in this very funny video) to join him on his quest and stand a chance to win an exhilarating VIP rhino adventure with him at the 5-star Rockwood Conservation Lodge. The main prize sees you and three friends enjoying a life-changing, four-day stay in deluxe accommodation at Rockwood’s exclusive lodge, dining on the finest cuisine, and treating yourself to a restorative treatment at the lodge’s renowned spa. Quinton will also personally accompany your group as you head out on wild adventures that include up-close encounters with the rhinos, cracking jokes, sharing his passion for rhinos, and protection initiatives with qualified rangers on horseback.

Buy your ticket by visiting the Rockwood Conservation website. There is no limit on how often you can enter and donate, so the more you enter, the more the rhinos will receive, and the better your chance of winning! You can also earn more entries by inviting friends to help raise more funds and awareness for this cause.

Entries close on 6 June 2021, and all entries will be added to a computer-generated random selector. Importantly, all proceeds will go directly to rhino conservation at Rockwood.

“One of the things about this initiative that I’m particularly proud of is how Rockwood can show donors precisely where the money goes. You can see exactly what the cost of your tickets will buy, from paying for rangers, horses, and feed to vet bills, high-tech security measures, and anything else needed to save over 300 rhinos and other species at Rockwood Conservation,” says Quinton.

Not only could you win an extraordinary prize and spend invaluable time with Quinton and the incredible rhinos at Rockwood, but this is perhaps one of the most adventurous ways to experience the conservation’s mandate to ‘Live for A Change’.

Quinton de Kock has partnered with Rockwood Conservation to raise awareness for Rhinos in a delightful video!
Photo Cred: Rockwood Conservation

Sources: Rockwood Conservation 
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