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Sharyn Hodges was scouting locations for an upcoming wedding shoot when she spotted nature reclaiming the scorched forest. She captured it beautifully


Sharyn Hodges is a talented wedding all-around photographer. While out scouting for a potential location she spotted nature reclaiming the scorched forest around her.

Armed with her camera, she started taking pictures of the beauty before her. While doing so, Sharyn also had a bag of oranges to scatter around the forest for any birds that may have been nearby. They love feeding on oranges.

The pictures were taken in Rheenendal, in the Eden District Municipality in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

We asked Sharyn how the fire affected her and she told us that she wasn’t home when it happened. She was working in Tanzania. She had arrived just two days before the fires spread.

“I remember waking up to a message from my mum saying the N2 was closed because of fires, initially I didn’t think too much of it, we have had fires on and off for a while and then the next message I received, was that my cousins house burnt down in Sedgefield and then it started feeling like “okay this one could be different.”

Sharyn didn’t have access to a working sim card in Tanzania and the wifi was difficult to come by.

“I kept trying to find wifi so I could see what was happening on Facebook or get whatsapp messages. Everything just happened so fast, there was so much information going and I didnt know what to believe or not to believe.”

She recalled the first moment she arrived back home in Plett after her trip, saying the smell was the first thing that hit her when the aeroplane doors opened.

“When I got back to Plettenberg Bay, on the 4th July, I flew from Cape Town and we flew along the coastline, it was evident that this was one of the most devastating disasters to hit this part of South Africa. The moment the aeroplane opened the door, I was hit with that ash/burny smell, it was incredible. I asked my mum who picked me up how do you breathe and she didn’t even notice it anymore.”

Sharyn had faith though, she knew that nature would take over and she plans to capture every moment of it.

“I knew that it would take time for nature to do what it does best, fight back. As a photographer, I did a few shoots for couples and families in Knysna, and everytime I went to Knysna I would see a significant difference.”

“I wasn’t able to capture the devastation, but I am here to capture the beauty that happens after a fire. Watching these trees, shrubs and flowers grow back is like watching a magician doing magic. There was nothing and now there is something that gives people hope.”

“Knysna IS regrowing.”

Sources: Sharyn Hodges Photography
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