Watch: Tourists are sharing footage of their SA trips and it’s magical!


Catalin Biedron is one of the many international tourists that visited South Africa over the festive season to capture the raw beauty of our country.


Catalin Biedron travelled around South Africa and captured the raw beauty of the country on video. The German photographer credits South Africa as an amazing adventure with features of endless white sand beaches and the incredible big 5.

The trip left Catalin and his wife Sylvia, in absolute awe. The best part, seeing the beautiful wildlife of the Kruger National Park.

“After devouring hundreds of documentary films about the Kruger National Park and South Africa, my wife and I decided to make a trip to the bush on our own. We wanted to search for a wildlife and a culture like we have never seen before. We could not wait, as we have never been to Africa before, and have never had a safari. We were so fascinated that we drove tirelessly through the cobbled streets and many sand roads for five full days in our own car to see as many animals as possible. This feeling – when you see a rhinoceros for the first time – you can not put into words.”

Catalin not only wanted a feel for the natural beauty and wildlife, he also wanted to meet the people of South Africa. While he and his wife were warned that it was dangerous, Catalin believes that they got lucky and met only the best. The couple also had a chance to try homemade Zulu beer. Something they both had a different opinion on.

“After 4 hours of listening and walking the guide brought us to an old man who showed us the Zulu beer, how to brew it and how to drink it. We finally got to try it, he handed us an old plastic cup and we drank it , I did not like the beer, but my wife Sylvia thought it was good.”

Catalin tells his followers that they should definitely give South Africa a try for themselves. He took some incredible images too. You can watch the video below and see all the images as well. South Africa is definitely still a tourists dream!

See the full gallery here.

Sources: Vimeo
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