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Shana Kreusch shared her 5-litre bucket bath hack on the Water Shedding Facebook page and has challenged others to give it a try. This is how to wash your Hair, Face, Body, Brush teeth, Shave and Flush a toilet with just 5 litres of water.


People are in survival mode over in the Western Cape. The drought is pushing back hard and with Day Zero just around the corner, people are becoming pretty resourceful.

Shana Kreusch is one of those people. She has created the perfect system to have a full shower (from a bucket) and be cleaner than ever! She shared her method with the Water Shedding Facebook page and has challenged everyone to do the same. This is how to get it all done.

“Guys. I did it. I brushed teeth, showered, shaved and washed and conditioned my hair, using 5L of water, and caught it all to use to flush the toilet tonight. To be honest, it was actually so easy, I’m aiming for 4L tomorrow.

Here’s how:
1. Measure 5L hot water into a smallish bucket.
2. Take a quarter glass out to brush your teeth.
3. Wash your face. Best done first.
4. Flip your hair over the bucket and using a jug wet it.
5. Rinse over the bucket to catch all the water to shower with.
6. Repeat 4 and 5 to condition.
7. Soap up
8. Rinse yourself using the jug. Stand in a bigger container while you do this to catch all the water for your toilet.
9. Shave (do this last otherwise it’s gross).

I thought it would be impossible but this is so doable! Try it tomorrow and challenge a friend to so the same. This thing is real.”

Sources: Facebook
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