In 2013, mother of three, Di Wilkinson was diagnosed with kidney failure. Refusing to give up and driven by her passion for wildlife she began painting beautiful large platters.


Di Wilkinson was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease and immediately required dialysis three times a week for five hours at a time. Furthermore, she required a life-saving kidney transplant. Unfortunately, none of her family members are compatible and with less than 1% of the South African population registered as organ donors, her future is rather uncertain.

Refusing to give up on life and motivated by her passion for wildlife, Wilkinson recently started painting beautiful, large platters with different wild animals on them.

Her children, unbeknown to her posted one of her platters on a social media platform, which received an overwhelming positive response and so #ThePlatterProject was born…


#ThePlatterProject aims to create awareness around wildlife conservation and organ donation through the personal journey of the Wilkinson family.

Furthermore, by raising funds through the ‘sale’ of their platters (hand painted by their mom who is battling end-stage kidney failure and awaiting a kidney transplant), the kids hope to support organizations associated with organ donation and wildlife conservation.

“We firmly believe in a collaborative effort to sustain ‘our pulse’ at #ThePlatterProject, ‘the pulse’ of those people battling chronic illness and lastly, ‘the pulse’ of our precious wildlife.”

The plates are kindly donated by the artist for Wilkinson to paint, but due to the severity of her condition, not many will be painted. Platters are also hand thrown, painted and then glazed.

ALL FUNDS are donated to either an official organisation associated with organ donation or wildlife conservation.

Visit their website, facebook and instagram to see more…


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Sources: The Platter Project

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