Watch: Motivational TEDx Talk on SA Education and how to create more from more!

Spark Schools TEDx

Bailey Thomson used her TEDx Talk to discuss how the SPARKs learning models deliver high quality education at an affordable cost for all SA children.


The Spark Schools are a sensational new school designed to offer private school education at costs lower than government education! At the beginning on 2017, Good Things Guy wrote about the school and the post went completely viral in a matter of one day!

Bailey Thomson, one of the founding team members of the Spark School was invited to do a TEDx Talk in November 2016 about the school and South African education. Her talk discussed how core values helped create more from more.

It was recently released for to the public. It is an inspiring and motivational talk, that highlights all the possibility of growth within South African education!

“I wish I could tell you that our methods at SPARK are exclusive or expensive, that what we do is exceptional in some way that prevents the rest of the South African education sector from doing the same.”

“That’s not the case, however. Instead, we simply aim to execute the right things in the right way in order to develop a solid foundation for student achievement. And here’s our secret: we teach core values as deliberately as we teach algebra or reading comprehension.”

“We believe that what students learn to value will drive their behaviors through and beyond school, propelling them to globally-engaged citizenship well into adulthood.”

“And with the right values internalized, students will achieve as a result of their strength of character, not develop character as an afterthought when time allows in the final weeks before school ends each summer.”

Watch the full TEDx Talk below and feel the motivation and optimism Bailey has for bettering education in South Africa.

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