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Joanne Wilson from the Cat Angel Refuge shared a heartfelt message of thanks to their local vet who goes above and beyond to help.


North-West, South Africa (25 June 2024) – The Cat Angel Refuge is singing the praises of their committed vet Dr Natalie, from Marico Bosveld Dierekliniek. The organisation is constantly in awe of how hard she works and how she supports them when things get tough.

They are hoping to rally support to pay a chunk of their outstanding vet bill, which will go a long way to removing some of the financial burden felt by the vet and the animal welfare team. They currently owe R18,000, and while the team works tirelessly to cover medical costs for their animals, the costs always seem to grow faster than they can keep up. Dr Natalie never puts pressure on the team, knowing they will pay what they can as often as possible.

In an effort to help Dr Natalie, and get ahead of their big bill, the fundraising team shared a heartfelt letter of kindness to their favourite vet and hope it inspires supporters to help them give back to their greatest supporter. Being one of the only animal welfare organisations based in the North-West, every bit of help goes a long way.

“Today we want to tell you about Dr Natalie from Marico Bosveld Dierekliniek.

This vet has a heart of absolute gold.
She is always just a phone call or WhatsApp away.
She treats everyone, new or old clients, like long-lost friends.
She rarely says she can’t help and if she does say it she really can not help. It’s not just because she doesn’t want to.

She is our voice of reason when our hearts are in severe conflict with our minds and finances.
She is our moral compass and our guide while we try to save those we can.
She hands us tissues when we sob over those we can’t save.
She is willing to listen to us rant and rave.

She is willing to do hail Mary’s when we really need them, like blood transfusions on tiny pups and drips on semi-comatose dogs. Sometimes we win, and it’s a success, and sometimes the hail marys don’t work. But she never judges, never says well, we won’t try again.

She is never tired of us arriving as she opens, or as she closes, or when she is crazy busy, but she always makes time for us and our endless emergencies.

She always, even when she is having a bad day, has a small smile for us and tells us to ‘keep the bright side bright 🌞 ‘

She insists on making us coffee when we have had a really bad day or case. And let’s us sit in her waiting room to gather our thoughts before we dash off to face the next emergency.

Now, the thing is, we owe her. In rescue terms, it’s not a lot, but in a small town with a small vet practice to run, it’s huge.

She is going on 2 weeks break from Saturday (we think we broke her a bit with this years awful cases) and we would love to have our account on zero when she returns.

We currently owe approx R18 000 after all the mad dashes we have made.

Can we as a collective show her how much we appreciate her. Her late night responses, her willingness to always try and make a difference. Her compassion and empathy.

Can we make her bright side brighter?”

The organisation has the most incredible support, from the anonymous donor who helped them purchase their property, to that of Dr Natalie. If you would like to support them in their efforts to help as many animals in the North-West as possible, you can donate below.

Acc Name: Marico Bosveld Dierekliniek NM Fourie
Bank: FNB
Acc: 62328940152
Branch: 250841
Ref: Cat Angels
Email: Pop to

Sources: Cat Angel Refuge
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