Chaeli Mycroft

Chaeli Mycroft wants you to bet that she can’t ride a horse for 5-hours over 5 days and every bet against her will uplift and empower children with disabilities.


Chaeli Mycroft was told she couldn’t do all the things she set out to do. For every person that said “you can’t” she was motivated to prove that she could. Because of this motivation, Chaeli has reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in her wheelchair and has set the world record as the first female quadriplegic to have made it to the highest peak in Africa.

She also made it up Lions Head and Devils Peak. So she plans to take all those can’t comments and turn them into something even more powerful. Chaeli fights for inclusion for people with disabilities and she is daring you to bet on her.

“I was born with Cerebral Palsy. People have been betting against me my whole life and I keep proving them wrong. I want to do it again. This time, I’m going to ride a horse for five days to raise funds for children with disabilities. Bet I can’t do it? I dare you to.”

Chaeli is riding to raise funds for the Chaeli Campaign; an NGO that works for the inclusion of people with disabilities and impacts 5000 people annually. Funds raised will go towards the Inclusive Education Programme and Pre-School Enrichment Center. Every bet counts and will go a long way to creating a world where people with disabilities are able to reach their full potential.

She is an internationally recognised ability-activist, she has won the International Children’s Peace Prize and World of Children Award (Youth Award).

Her GivenGain campaign has already raised R16,697.00 and that number will keep growing as she gets closer to her challenge day.

Her Challenge:

“Chaeli will swap out her wheelchair for a horse and ride for five consecutive days. She will have to endure hours in the saddle, the natural elements and the voices inside her head, telling her to quit. For any experienced rider, this would be an extreme challenge. For Chaeli, it’s practically impossible.”

We bet that Chaeli can do it because she has more dedication and motivation than ever before. You can bet Chaeli can’t (or can) here.

Bet Chaeli Can't?

Wanna bet Chaeli can't ride a horse for five days, five hours a day? We dare you to. Bet Chaeli Can't and help raise funds for children with disabilities.

Posted by The Chaeli Campaign on Friday, 2 March 2018

Sources: Bet Chaeli Can’t
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