Durban Factory Fire

Residents from all over Durban came together to make sure that the Firefighters fighting the three day warehouse blaze were fed and well watered!


The Durban Fire was reported to have started at around 9am on Friday the 23rd of March. Due to the traffic the Fire Department had trouble getting to the blaze quickly which is partly why it spread so quick, the second and most prominent reason for it spreading so quick was due to the fact that wax panels and plastic where being stored where the fire started.

There were 41 fire vehicles onsite, 35 were fire trucks and six were support vehicles. There were also 125 fire personnel on duty and a disaster management team. All these people needed to keep their energy levels up and so Leon Fourie from Life Response 24/7, a support operations manager, requested a simple donation of some water.

“I put the request out and the response has been phenomenal. People from the Bluff and the greater Durban area have taken up the cause, donating food, drinks and sweets – and the donations kept coming in throughout the night,”

“Companies like BP Edwin Swales, Sput Toti and Bluff and Dominos Pizza Glenwood and Bluff have donated food. People are still coming in and dropping off food and we will stay here to collect it and deliver it as long as the fire fighters are here.”

The fire is finally under control after a three day fight, it will take a few more days to fully extinguish it and a report about the cause of the fire will be released within the next 14 days. Well done to all the people that helped with feeding the firefighters and for the amazing work done by the firefighters.

Durban Fire
Credit: DuBois Photography

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Sources: Southlands Sun / Facebook

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