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The owner of Fairview Wine and Cheese was brutally attacked on his farm and left for dead. After spending the night in hospital, he popped into the office the next day and shared an important message with his staff and the rest of South Africa.


Farm attacks are horrific and have been rattling South Africa to the core for the last few years. The owner of Fairview, Charles was a victim of a brutal attack. He shared the story with his staff and on the Fairview Facebook page.

His harrowing account of the attack and his positive attitude to continue doing what he loves has inspired the followers of the brand.

This is his story…

“Last night, I endured a brutal farm attack here on my Fairview farm in Paarl. This morning, I decided to come straight from the hospital and stop by Fairview, to show my millennial counterparts what real work commitment looks like, as on-going banter, we have between us.

“In truth and in all seriousness, the attack was physically and emotionally painful. I was beaten up with a crowbar, have broken bones, was rolled up into a carpet and left for dead in my home. My escape is nothing short of miraculous, and I feel like I have come back from the dead. I am so grateful to be alive, and my heart goes out to all the people that have lost their family members in the ongoing farm attacks.

“I want it to be known that this attack was not politically divisive in any way, but that these were just 3 common gangsters motivated by their own self-interests. I believe in the values that this country was built on, and continue to hope for harmony and peace. I am now doubly motivated to come to work every day, and will continue to ensure that I can contribute and try to make even the smallest difference in my community.”

People have commented and thanked him for his inspirational outlook and we totally agree! We hope you recover well Charles.

This is the type of person who not only makes this country a beautiful place, but also keeps it going, and the type of person who will change the state of affairs slowly but surely. Touched me deeply… gives one hope. All the best with your future endeavours – I will support you, now more than ever. Truly inspirational.” – Jacques Scholtz

Charles, I can only imagine the trauma you must have endured last night. If there is anybody I know that would have made it out of that ordeal it would be you. Your message epitomises who you are and is truly inspirational. You have already touched so many people’s lives in your community and around the world and yet here you are a day after this horrific attack focusing on what further contributions you can make to this country and your society. Truly proud!” – Grant Back

Sources: Facebook
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