A picture has gone viral on social media of strangers who came together to help a suicidal man – by holding on to him – until help arrived.


Anne Rarity, a local Londoner posted the picture on social media which has already had 120 000 shares.

“This image has really got me this morning.”

“A man wanting to jump off a bridge in London, talked round by absolute strangers who proceeded to hold him for an hour until help arrived to get him down safely. Look at that grip. Look at the care, compassion, selflessness & determination shown by complete strangers to a fellow human being.”

“There is so much more good than bad around us, just sharing a little of it. Wishing the man a full recovery.”

The Daily Mail reported that members of the public spent over two hours holding the man who had threatened to jump from a bridge near Golders Green, North London – as hundreds of others offered him words of encouragement from the ground.

Strangers were just passing by when they saw him and immediately held on to him to stop him from jumping.

Police officers arrived and also tied rope around the man to keep him from jumping. Once he had been secured, a fire engine used its hydraulic lift to lower him to safety and he was then put into an ambulance.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan London Police confirmed that the man was now in custody of doctors and specialists who would try help him recover.

The picture has invoked many emotional responses but it is clear that it has made people see another side to humanity.

Jean Lauman posted: “A great show of love and compassion in a world sometimes visited by sadness. Look at the hands holding him, at his face and neck, at his waist and his knees– the people holding him are showing him that this world and people have something for him to live for. I hope he remembers all this love and that his life will continue to get better. I feel so good when I see someting like this—people are so good!!! God bless all of you.”

Eileen Davis commented: “So many people suffer in silence and they don’t realise that people do actually care as demonstrated here, cheers to all those caring people that saved him, my heart goes out to him.”

Sean Cooper added: “This picture speaks volumes, scary thing is that any one of us may face this in our lifetime but those there helping are the true people in society & glad the man got the help he needed.”

Sources: Facebook | Daily Mail
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