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Nadine Ferreira was lost in the west of Pretoria when she saw Ezekiel walking. The blind man was lost too so she helped and now her community has joined in.


Nadine Ferreira was driving around the west of Pretoria, feeling very lost. She was about to use her GPS to find where she needed to go when she saw Ezekiel Lesiba Tselana walking along with his cane in hand. Realising he was blind she stopped to ask him if he needed any help.

She asked where he was headed and he responded that he was trying to get to the Taxi’s at the Spar. Nadine offered to take him and input the Spar info into her GPS. Ezekiel was about 17km’s away and heading in the wrong direction.

Nadine set off in the right direction and chatted with him while they drove. She found out that Ezekiel had had a stroke 5 days earlier and was desperately trying to continue providing for his family. She also found out that he was a brilliant craftsman and made stunning woven items such as baskets, cribs and cat carriers.

She dropped him off at the Spar and paid for his taxi home. Nadine then shared the story on her Facebook community page and asked if people could please make small donations to help him. Immediately the community started sending him various amounts of cash to help. Nadine called him to check in and he was so grateful!

“Spoke to him this morning and he was in tears.”

A business page was set up on Facebook and a beautiful logo was made up. This was done so that people who wanted to purchase his goods instead of donating money could do so.

Since Nadine’s post, Ezekiel has had a second stroke. She decided to get him to a private doctor as the state is unable to see him until next week. She has reached out to ask if there are any doctor’s willing to help. If you can assist, see the info below.

To hear more about Ezekiel’s story or to donate see the info here or to take a look at his work check out his new business page here.

Blind Man Gets Help

Sources: Facebook
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