Project Brave

Project Brave is helping marginalized women and children that stand on the sides of the road, they rehabilitate, offer medical services and schooling.


Project Brave exists to provide a fresh start for women and children who are living or working on the streets. The programme aims to rehabilitate these family units to maximum opportunity and success

“Project Brave Foundation is a non-profit company (NPC) that is focused on uplifting and empowering marginalised women and children in South Africa. The purpose is to elevate, transform and reintegrate them back into society by giving them a hand up and not a hand out.”

The programme offers counseling, skills development, medical and physical support for the mother and child . The organisation ensures the children are placed into a school or creche. At the end of the program the goal is for the mother to be working and able to support her family

“Uplift a woman and you will uplift her family. Uplift the family and you will uplift an entire community.”

The organisation uses a four step programme to help the woman and children.

Rescue – the first touch point with potential candidates
Support – assist with basic physical needs, as well as providing emotional support
Empower – provide education and skills development, and promote self-actualisation
Reintegrate – encourage self-sufficiency and adding value to communities

The project has done really well in creating fresh starts for mothers standing on the road side, they are busy expanding their operation to help even more family units. To find out more about how to get involved with this project click here.

Sources: Project Brave
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