During a state hospital visit, a woman met a baby and changed his life for the better


A woman well-versed in the politics of state care was going about her day when she spotted a distraught mother and adorable little baby, she decided to change their lives!


CJ Carrington was undergoing stressful breast cancer treatment at a local state hospital when she saw a mom walking by with terror and confusion etched into her face. Unable to just pass her by like everyone else, she walked over and checked what was wrong.

In her arms was her son Godswill. It was then that CJ noticed the massive lesion on baby Godswill’s head. The doctor sent the mother, Favour, home saying there was nothing to be done. His lesion was the same size as his tiny head and meant he was unable to move around as it put pressure on his neck.

Untreated, the tumor would have taken baby Godswill from this earth far too soon. CJ couldn’t bear to stand there and watch the anguish on his mother’s face.

Reaching out to everyone who would listen, CJ managed to get the sweet young boy the medical care he needed. Corporates, individuals and non-profits teamed up to make sure that Baby Godswill’s tumor was removed. He had his operation in May of last year and has made leaps and bounds in his recovery.

The Marian Rose Foundation took Godswill on as a medical beneficary. They now facilitate all his appointments and make sure he gets seen by all the right doctors. Since his initial surgery, baby Godswill has been fighting a good fight and undergone a total of 4 surgeries.

With this massive financial burden removed from the family, CJ could help them focus on making changes. She helped relocate them from a gang and drug ridden area to somewhere safe that Godswill could thrive. With both parents unable to find full-time employment, CJ and a number of continuous donors have been making sure that baby Godswill has nappies and a roof over his head.

The entire campaign has made all the difference for a little boy who has needed intensive care and support. What would have been another statistic has become a story of hope and love. There are many things to still be done but Godswill is on the road to recovery.

If you would like to support his journey, you can do so on the Backabuddy fund here or if you have other things to offer, like work for the parents or just general support, you can join the small community that has changed this family’s life.

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