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Kay Ross was inspired by her late mother’s gift of life to twenty people in need. Kay decided to help too by working her way up the state waiting lists!


Kay Ross has dedicated her life to helping children in need receive specialised medical care. Most of these young children are stuck on the ever-growing state waiting lists across South Africa. Their chances dashed each day as they wait.

Kay decided to start The Marian Rose Foundation in honour of her late mother. The foundation works to help children receive the medical care they deserve. The foundation raises funds and pays them directly to medical practitioners responsible for changing these children’s lives.

“The mission of the foundation is to assist children who need specialised (often extreme) medical treatment, they raise funds and pay doctors and hospitals directly. All money raised by the foundation goes where it counts as everyone volunteers their time and skills”

Inspiration for the foundation came when Kay’s mother passed away. She had been an organ donor and with her donation, saved 20 people. Kay realised she could do some much as she was still alive, just like her mother she started working to better the lives of young children

“My mom has always said that if her mom could help 20 people when she was no longer with us, then she could do so much more while still alive.” – Kelli Ross, daughter of Kay.

The foundations Facebook page regularly shares the stories of new patients they are assisting and continuously post updates until the child is fully recovered. This creates more than just a financial investment for donors, but an emotional one too! People get to see how these young souls bounce back during and after treatment.

This is a truly wonderful story, seeing such progress being made in young lives! For more information on the foundation, check out their Facebook page.

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